I’m happy to announce that my latest pet project, Klipit, is now available in the Windows Store for free.

Quoting the application description: > Klipit is a Windows modern UI client for accessing your bookmarks at > > With Klipit you are able to view your clips and preview them in the integrated browser window or launch them in the full browser. You can see clips grouped by lists or all in a single list. > > Klipit supports the Windows 8 Search charm which lets you easily search from while having a Windows 8 user experience. >
> Klipit also supports sharing as a both target (of URLs) and a source, both of which can be activated via the Share charm. Share target support allows you to easily and quickly add new clips from for example Internet Explorer.

If you’re using & Windows 8, click the image below to give Klipit a try — as I said, it’s free.

Download from Windows Store


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